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Fierce grace Blog-Update

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 21:01:44 Europe/London

So apologies...it's been a while since my last blog.Sometimes things get in the way which is frustrating,it took me ages literally months to find somewhere to live.So after building up and going more,i've been unable to go as much,but still going once or twice a week still does something!! It's quite suprising as when your being hard on yourself for not going as much,it's still better than not going at all.

Where i'm at,at the minute is i'm on a journey now to go more as it is crucial for my mind.I'm trying to get through the otherside with inner things and reducing medication.So the best thing for anxiety/depression/mental health is really to exercise for your body and mind and to meditate for inner calm.So i've really got to go for it over the next few months.Have to give a shout out to both Lisa's(Houghton and Hong)as i've been doing alot of core classes,when i have been going.And they always make things easier with their approach and instruction.

I'll hopefully be more on it now again with the journey and the blogs.

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Fierce grace latest

Thursday, 7 May 2015 20:54:59 Europe/London

Today i went to Core and thought i had to speak about Nina,as i've been going to her classes now for a year.And have mentioned her briefly before but thought today i should give her a proper mention,as she has attentive, fluent,relaxed way and is very caring as a teacher.If your having a shit time/stressed/injured/ or looking for a good starting class i really recommend one of Nina's core classes.After taking my time with slowly building up sessions,it's now starting to pay off.

I'm definately finding things getting easier,it always takes a while to re adapt,if you are sporadic with going.I struggle with every class if i'm being honest,when i have'nt been going as much.But getting a high at the moment..from every class.So FIx tom.I'm doing different styles so this week is classic/fix and core.As it is better i think to work different muscle groups.

Will keep updating as last 2 weeks i will have done 4 classes and next week i will be doing 5.

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Latest:Fierce grace blog

Wednesday, 6 May 2015 20:11:57 Europe/London

So first Blog in a while and pretty happy as i've been doing more sessions again.The difference in my physical and mental health is really noticable.I think things get easier the more sessions you do.But every time you start going infrequently the first few classes you do are really difficult.When i'm stressed mentally or physically trying to sustain drumming,i do find the classes difficult,but what i've done is start by building the sessions up.So i'm now up to 4 sessions a week...and ...

The class i'm most happy about doing again is the Classic class.I don't know why but i've not been able to do one for months,and to be honest it's more out of fear!!But if you want the biggest hit of endorphins and biggest high this class is the one.It is 90 mins so its a physical and mental work out.

As usual i have nothing but good things to say about the calibre of teaching ...which is always at a really high level.Have some interesting things coming up...so will let you know more,over the next few blogs.

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fierce Grace-2015

Sunday, 19 April 2015 21:17:13 Europe/London

Had alot happening over the last few weeks and have just started going back to FG.It's been abit stop start,sometimes i don't think i've came to the classes in the best of mindsets.But when i'm not going and having a up and down time,i really wish i was doing sessions with more regularity.As i'm trying to drum and bulid my stamina up,i find doing both really hard.But doing both is what i need to do for my mind and also to enable me to drum,at a high level,and with intensity.I'm going to have to get even healthier to sustain everything.

I could drink alot more water and eat abit better.Over the next few blogs,i'll be trying things out to see if i can keep things going.I've done 2 classes the last week and next week i'm doing a minimum of 3 this week.So combining this with my drumming and sustaining it all is the next step.Sessions have been mainly core/fix and with all the consistently on point teaching always makes things easier and a great enviroment.Definately want to do more....but gradually does it.

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Fierce grace blog 14-17

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 13:28:52 Europe/London

Well after a really stressful time,i think my body has reacted to the stress by being really tired over the last 2 days.When i'm not feeling to great sometimes i will eat shit/drink/etc and then obviously your body will react.After not doing sessions,i went back to the Core last thurs and then did 4 classes in 5 days.Which were 2 cores and 2 fixes.I think i underestimate the core class,as the other classes have a different level of intensity.But as alot of the postures are on stretching your core/legs/calves/hamstrings-i have really noticed the effects over the last couple of days.Felt really tired and also think the toxins etc and are now leaving my body quicker.I think hot yoga is great for improving your diet/mind and recently,it's kept me together mentally over a difficult period.

Michele FG always says not to go at things to quickly-which is exactly what i've done/with classes/Drum practise and so i will be back in the studio tom after two rest days.When i've been in a better place mentally and physically,i've been able to do the classic class a few times a week,so i'm hoping that i can put up the intensity again  asap.As always the instruction from Nina/Sorcha/ and Lisa's has been a massive help and of a very high quality.So i will keep going and hopefully take things further physically.And will let you know my progress.

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