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Fierce grace blog 11-13

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 16:39:49 Europe/London

After being really unwell for a few weeks,i decided to go back to the fix class on feb 17th,19th, and the 24th.Unfortunately i was making really good progress with classes and my drumming.But after having a virus that made me very ill,i decided to do 2 classes last week and 3 classes this week.So i eased myself back in gently.I don't think you can under estimate how powerful yoga is,and may sound a cliche',but in a hot yoga room it can definately have a massive impact if you over do it.

When i'm jungle drumming its pretty much over 10'000 hits a hour.So i've got a habit of going at things with to much intensity,and sometimes i can over do the yoga and the drumming.So today i've just done ten mins of gentle practise.And tom i will incrementally do more and go back to the fix.

I must say that the teacher on tuesdays is one of the best at fierce grace- Lisa.She is really great with posture and injuries.And also the teacher on thursdays really pushes you,through class.So back on the path,but slowly does it.And hopefully this will bring more results.

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Fierce Grace 2015-Blog session 8-10

Monday, 2 February 2015 18:17:45 Europe/London

So since my last update i've done some more classes and did 4 classes in the last week.If you've ever been a addict,or your the kind of person that is all or nothing,then that is definately what i'm like.

I have down 2 fixs and 2 cores between sunday 25th and feb 1st.But also after not drumming for at least a month i completely went at it to much.And think i've now made myself abit ill and rundown.The type of drumming i do is pretty hardcore and also i play on electronic kit which is more physical due to the surface.

As always the teachers at Fierce Grace were great but was'nt really at my best last week. I forget that hot yoga and the jungle drumming is pretty hardcore on the body.Especially when you have'nt been doing it with intensity for a while.With drumming its about incrementally doing abit more everyday and resting.So i'm going to have to start slowly and build it up.After doing miles to much in the first 9/10 days.

Abit pissed off at myself but i suppose i should'nt judge and now i'm realising it's all about sustaining things over a long period of time.Still if i take the positives at least i'm drumming and wanting to go more to FG and do better with diet/exercise/drums.

Will keep the blogs going.And hopefully will feel better soon.

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Fierce Grace 2015-Blog session 5-7

Monday, 26 January 2015 14:54:26 Europe/London

Well it's definately been a interesting few days.And have experienced so pretty mad emotions in the space of 3 sessions starting on friday jan 23rd.The fix was taught by Lisa Hong who is always really consistent as a teacher and pushes you well during class.Afterwards i felt pretty wound up and pissed off at myself.Especially with work stuff.So i went home and smashed the shit out of the drums for nearly 3 hours.For the first time.And really think the session released alot of anger and emotions.

Next day i went back to the fix, as i can be prone to depression at the weekends if i don't keep active,and wanted to see if it would make me feel better.On saturday the teacher was Kam,who i've never had before,i really liked his teaching style,but the heat and the session was hard work.After the session i started to feel alot happier and positive.As soon as i got back in i started drumming again.So felt back on the path.

Sunday i felt good and started the day with more drumming and practise and then went to the sunday fix with Adam.He went through the postures with good instruction,especially with the stomach crunches...which nearly wiped me out.After the class though i felt positive and went straight home and drummed.I was quite amazed at how much things had changed since friday.I'm really curious to see the effects with more classes on mind/body/drumming as maybe i will reach my goals sooner rather than later.

Also must thank the lovely Shirley,Lisa and all the staff on the front desk.So will be undertaking the classic class which i'm afraid of...later in the week.So will let you know how i get on and with my jungle drumming.

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Fierce Grace 2015-Blog session 3&4

Sunday, 18 January 2015 12:53:13 Europe/London

Been a very good week and start back at Fierce grace.I have done 4 sessions and already lost over 4 pounds.I went to the fix on friday and felt really good after it.Again the class was really well taught,and i went after having a really late night and quite alot to drink.I definately woud'nt normally go...due to fear.But as i'm doing this blog and need to do well this year,i thought it would be best to do the fix.And it was really worth it.

Yest was jan 17th and went to the fix again,as always a great teacher,but class yest,was such hard work!!I suppose that is the way it goes sometimes.And you should never judge yourself,and actually be pleased you went.After going to 2 classes in a row today i will have a rest day.I wanted to build my fitness up,before i started jungle drumming again.So i feel my diet,mindset,hydration,weight,have all benefited after only a week.

So the next week i will be pushing myself more and will start to put more work in on the drums and with my mental health,and will let you know how i get on.

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Fierce Grace 2015-Blog session 2

Monday, 12 January 2015 17:43:09 Europe/London

As i'm 37 today and as i had a good run of drinking alchohol over christmas,i decided to keep today as healthy as possible.So i went to a Core class,which was really well taught.But i'm not going lie...i definately struggled abit.

I felt really strong in saturdays Fix class,for some reason i found the core quite hard.

On the positive side though my diet/mind/is already changing.It's quite amazing how quickly a couple of sessions can change your outlook on your health.

So this year i'm going to go for it...and also with my drumming.And keep recording the results.I had gained a stone over christmas and also body fat.So lets see how quickly i can use Fierce Grace to push me with mind/body and drumming.

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